Monday, October 20, 2008

Drunken Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

What can I say? I got a hardcore crush on the havecakewilltravel! blog. I did a lot of deviating and a bit of improvising, so I can't say how they'll be for you if you try to make them. I will say, however, that whiskey + chocolate + pumpkin is brilliance in a bite... even at nine in the morning.


max said...

Maybe it's just fall, but I have a craving for Pumpkin muffins (maybe sans the Jack).

Did Erik tell you that he's gone vegan! He longs for that recipe that featured almonds as a substitute for Alfrado sauce... I remember you all making it, just can't supply the details (maybe the brewers yeast?).

Hope the weekend was grand!

Love ya.

Tim said...

To put it politely, the link in your post caused a clusterfuck in my Web browser.

But that's okay. Issue has been resolved, and I'll find that blog quickly enough anyway. Those muffins do look divine, and I've been craving muffins quite a lot recently.

Rachel said...

"clusterfuck" is an amazing word.

Celine said...

your pic kicks my ass. and it likes it.

Regina said...

yum!!! Chocolate and pumpkin are a great combo. I have a hard time with that much sugar, but it couldn't hurt due to this tumultuous economy, or for any other reason, actually.