Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stroganoff... back to 8th grade

Now that we all know that I view "seitan stroganoff" as some sort of vague sexual allusion, we can all wash that sass out of our mouths and return to our homerooms.

I splurged on some sorta nicer noodles. They come in their own individual balls?

Of course I didn't have much of what the recipe (VwaV, per usual, by the way) required when I decided that I wanted to make stroganoff. I figured that eggplant could sub cremini mushrooms and zucchini could sub peas and that shiitake mushrooms could sub portebello. right?

I made a lot and didn't realize how incredibly filling it'd be. Doubtful that I could finish it all in a week, I thought about bringing some over to a friend's the other evening, but then I thought that this might be one of those foods that I like and is weird to everyone else. I've never had beef stroganoff either, so I'd no idea what it was supposed to taste like. To me, though, it was quite delectable.

a dark bread + some dostrovsky and we've got ourselves a right red dinner.


Mandie P said...

i must say your photo skillz are coming along very nicely, pic #1 is stellar!

max said...

The cult girl is the bomb! The food in the pics make me so hungry! How many miles would one have to run to digest such beautiful food?

You really must feature a pic of a poodle or an industrial kitchen soon to keep your blog congruent with it's title. Or a pic of a guy with FZ's signiture facial hair?

Amanda and Timo are bombs!