Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simon on Love

There's this podcast that I really like called "Savage Love." I think that Simon could teach Dan Savage a thing or two about that.

Today, I picked the young lad up from Kindergarten and one of his friends informed me, "Simon is in love." The little girl's name is Emma and she's a neighbor of ours.

Simon also loves Nutella. The girl in the background is his cousin.

In the bus today, Simon asked his friend (a boy) quite spontaniously, "Shall we kiss?" and they both leaned forward and kissed on the lips! Simon then stated that men and women can marry, but men and men cannot marry. Suddenly, a boy behind us piped up, "They can so marry! Men and men can get married to each other!" If some people on the bus weren't staring when the two friends kissed, they were all looking in our direction now. I figure it's good to get folks thinking a little, no matter how young.

When we play The Game of Life (it's a boardgame) I let Simon and his friends choose to marry a man or a woman. Simon usually chooses to be a woman, then he marries a man when he gets to that point in the game. The other day, though, he and all his friends chose to be boys and marry boys as well. "We don't want any girls in our cars," they said.

I like it when I ask Simon for a reason as to why he's doing something. Hmmm... I can't think of a good example right now, but he'll often reply, "Weil es einfach so ist!" Because it's simply so! Okay, I stink at translating, but maybe you get it. Personally, I dig the simplicity. Very sagacious for his age.


Tim said...

Aww, that's seriously so freakin' cute! I think I could get along with this little guy.

Regina said...

The thing about the boys marrying boys in order to keep the girls out reminds of Simple Simon, but simple as in eloquent.