Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home in May!

I'm going back to the states in May for my sister's high school graduation. Not permanently, of course. Hopefully by then I'll know where I'm going next because right now I haven't a damn clue. Good thing I don't stress, huh?

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • The colloquial and quotidian things that I've forgotten: different accents, The Olive Garden, what size bags flour and sugar are sold in, expressions, stores open past 10PM, that good ol' American friendliness...
  • The great outdoors: hiking, climbing, swimming, skinny dipping, wading and swimming in water so cold you think you might die, star gazing....
  • is family even necessary to say?
  • drinking beer at Shannanaghan's
  • the community. it's small, so I'm pretty sure people are going to remember me. I wonder how many read the blog?
  • my old friends might be home onaccounta they'll've all just finished college! ouch! I'm a failure!
  • I wonder how simple or out-of-place it'll feel?


Tim said...

Yay! Your mom told me you might be back for a visit in May. You should at the very least have a beer (or several) with me; and maybe we can go for a hike or two. And we can talk about what it's like to be college dropouts while we watch all our friends graduate and do big things with their lives (although I gotta say, what you've done thus far is pretty cool too).

Mandie P said...

OMG! if I'm still in the US I'm coming to see you then! How long are you going to stay?

Rachel said...

right now we're talking about a while because of vacation and visa details. I'm still considering uni in Ddorf.

Regina said...

Everyone is looking forward to seeing you! The whole country! Well, that may be an exaggeration. Being a "college dropout" is not a measure of your success or failure. "Higher education" is way overrated. Continue on your own true path, and college may or may not be a stop on the way.