Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Learnin's from Euroland

My friend Amanda did the same thing on her blog not too long ago. This is in no particular order, ok?

  • I prefer fiction to non.
  • Silence is valuable.
  • Baking is almost never healthy.
  • I do NOT like the news.
  • How to take care of myself. To rest when I need it.
  • Anger doesn't help anything.
  • I prefer complete independence as opposed to any kind of dependence.
  • Cooking for one.
  • I hate the disco.
  • Friendship is really important.
Hmmm.... Amanda's list is a lot better. She compares how things are here to the U.S. a bit more. I'd like to, but I forget too much about it. My list seems a little bleak. Like, "cooking for one." But cooking for just yourself is really fun because you can put as much nooch or whatever in what your making and you don't have to care what anyone else will think of it! And it's also funny that I say that anger is no good, then go on to profess my hatred of the disco. But really, it's best to stay clear of those places.

Okay, maybe you can take a momment to pause and reflect upon what you've learned in the last year or whatever. How to divide fractions? Gardening skillz? How to really piss off your sibling? Feel free to share.


Regina said...

Maybe to avoid anger, I should avoid the news, but like a dog to a skunk, I gotta keep trying. Silence is valuable. I deal with lots of silence in my line of work. I play Liquid Mind during massages, and find that my mind just liquifies and loses track of time. I prefer nonfiction - truth is stranger.

Mandie P said...

awe i love being mentioned by name and link... does this mean i'm famous?