Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brownie Cupcakes

I know this aupair from Kenya, her name is Beatrice. Today is her birthday, so I've made her cupcakes; Brownie Cupcakes, from have cake, will travel! As much as I love zelinueh's blog and trust her recipes, I wasn't all together with her on these cupcakes. She called for raisins, but I thought, "Well that's not brownie-like," so I subbed in chocolate chips. It also calls for jam and a lot of lemon flavoring. I think that the jam idea was cool. Next time I'll probably use blueberry and not strawberry. If I make these babies again, I don't think I'll use any lemon at all because that made them too citrus-y and brownies can't be citrus-y. On first bite, though, I definately thought, "wow! brownie!" so, that was cool.

brownie cupcakes. click on it! It looks cooler!

Pictured with the cupcakes is my apron that my friend Catherine got me. I try to use it whenever possible. I'd like to pimp it up with some ponies and anarchist pins in the future.

In other news, I FINALLY FOUND MY GRATEFUL DEAD FRISBEE!! My host father is re-arranging my room (more on that later) and when he was moving a big bookshelf with camping stuff, I saw it shoved in there. woo hoo! Folks, I have been in some serious frisbee-playing deprevation. We need to play soon.


Celine said...

s'all good, I still ♥ you.

Regina said...

Beautiful! Speaking of great chocolate concoctions, have you ever had mole? Leticia Ortiz used to make it for chicken, but it would be lovely on tofu, eggplant, or some such. Store-bought mole is not the same.

Rachel said...

I have never had mole and I was just thinking today that I would like to try making it. I'm sure it'd be devine.

Mandie P said...

you know you really want to make these again and bring some with you this weekend- RIGHT?? :)

maybe it is my latest decision to give up sugar... or maybe the memory of the last cupcakes we made at Catherines... but they are mouthwatering!

Rachel said...

I'm giving up sugar too! except, you know, I had to try a cupcake to see if it tasted like brownie and why the hell do you bake vegan if not to eat the batter? (okay, aside from all that morally good and environmentally friendly jizz jazz)

Tim said...

I love that frisbee, man! I look forward to throwing it around when I come visit you!