Monday, September 29, 2008

What I think about while running

1) I really wish I wasn't running.
2) Ouch! Am I getting shin splints? Maybe I should stop. No, I'm just being a wus. Keep on trucking.
3) What on earth is my iPod thinking (I've discovered this new function called "shuffle."), playing The Clash, then Miles Davis followed by Ratatat? Or, wait. Maybe that does work?
4) Is my form okay? Do I need to think about form?
5) I wish I were swimming right now. Swimming is so much better.
6) I really wish I wasn't running.
7) Breathe!
8) Are they looking at me? Stop looking at me!
9) My face feels red. I hope it's not red. Crap, it's probably beet red.
10) Almost there. Almost home.

This week-end was:
aachen and friends, dancing, belgium, maastricht, clear skies, a catherine visit, girl's night, stars, an apple, anarchists, vegan brunch, afternoon on the rhein, conversing, reading and amazingness.


Regina said...

I laughed uproariously. Makes me wanna go for a swim, but the Rez is getting way too cold. My weekend? Play some guitar. Still trying to get inspiration to write a song, like trying to squeeze rain from a cloud. Hey! I've got a lyric. Now all's I need's a tune.

Tim said...

If I know you, your face would make Uncle Vernon proud.


I'm very glad I am not running.