Monday, September 15, 2008


Today in Deutchkurs we talked about cultural things as we're all from different nations around the world, but mostly from countries in the middle east and eastern europe. (I'm, yet again, North America represent!) One thing that all the arabic folks have in common in regards to cultural taboo is the necessity of respect towards elders*. They love to reference this in contrast to Deutschland, where they believe all the German children are terribly ill behaved. It came to my attention today, however, that our teacher, who is definately older than all of us, is always fighting to speak over the same group of women, all of whom don the muslim headscarves.

*I first spelled that "eldars," but caught it in the proof-read. All the same, respect your trees as well, kids!

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Regina said...

yeah, respect your elder arabs. what's that headscarf called, anyway?