Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting sick. Guacomole.

I think that when you're starting to feel a cold coming on, you should up the liquids and switch to raw foods. So bread wouldn't be a good choice, but I needed it for decoration. My neighbors have got to think I'm a little whack by now what with all these photo shoots I've been doing on the front porch.

What's in it? An avocado, two small tomatoes (don't bother me with species...), a very little bit of onion, some fresh basil leaves. Blended with the best kitchen utensil ever: the emersion mixer.


Tim said...

Hmm. I still think the carrot bisque soup in VwaV works wonders on colds, but that's me. Guacamole is always welcome too.

Rachel said...

I"ve never made it, but now I will!!