Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sex! Now I'm just two people short of a ménage à trois.

We get this weekly magazine at home called Der Stern. It's kind of a middle/ right wing news magazine that covers relevant topics in a digestable manner. So, lots of pictures. This had this as a cover:

Here is the article featured on the cover.

One morning, I came upstairs, still foggy-eyed, and sat down at the dining room table with my host father, the boys, and my tea. Somewhat blindly, I reached out in front of me for something to read between hot sips of Earl Grey and there it was: a family magazine covered in illustrations of tiny naked people demonstrating positions in the Kama Sutra. I was appauled that it could be sitting in plain sight of a child and teenager, recieving no discernable attention from anyone at the table.

When tidying up later that day, I piled up the newspaper, mail and magzine so that the magazine rested inconspicuously underneath everything, but also so one could see the logo in the top left corner. That way, I thought, if anyone wished to read about John McCain, the new VW Golf or, you know, SEX, she could. Later on that evening, I saw that same stack, but with Der Stern clearly sitting on top of the pile. I'm sure that at the sight of it I blushed, but there was no one around to see.

This last week's Stern was just another assurance that "Yep. I'm in Europe," and also a little kick in the ass reminding me that I'm not as Euro as I'd like to think myself to be.

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Regina said...

What ever happened to that coffee cup? I must be sooo naive. I couldn't understand any of that article.