Tuesday, September 9, 2008

La Braderie de Lille!

Lille is located in northern france, in the region Nord de Calais, I think, but I'm too lazy to check out wiki right now. I learned that they have their own language in this region! Not too many folks speak it but old people and kids, apparently, but lots of folks use some common words in daily conversation. The word for "house," for instance, is often said in this regions' dialect. I can't help you out on what the word for "house" is either.

Lille seemed like kind of an older city. It looked as if it had once been elegant and decadant, but is now delapitated and in disrepair. All the same, I thought it was really beautiful.

About 150 CSers showed up at this meeting. During the day on Saturday, some of us partook in a scavenger hunt. We had to find things like a blue thread and 20 beer bottle caps. Each group was also given an item and were intructed to trade it for something interesting. We had this raggedy, but very soft scarf. I traded it for a snow globe. One of the participants in my scavenging group was positively thrilled over our success in the trade. She kept the snow globe.

Where we met to begin the scavenger hunt

There was allllll kinds of junk and really gorgeous crafts at the braderie. Over a million people (apparently) came into Lille, which already hosts a population of approximately 1mill. I was on a mission for a good eyebrow ring, but alas, nothing satisfactory was found. I did not end up purchasing anything except for food and beer, which were expensive because it was France. It made me realize that I do like Deutschland for some things. I did have this frickin' amazing tofu dish at a take out chinese place. I did not take a photograph of it, but it made me take a mental note to work with silken tofu more often in the future.

duck! Simon knows this word in English

I brought Simon to kindergarten about an hour and a half late today. Yesterday he was in an exceedingly crabby mood and I deduced that it could be because he gets really bored at Kindergarten. I don't believe that they provide very much in way of organized activities for the children. So I thought "screw it" and we played for a while this morning and talked and stuff because he's a really awesome kid.

ps- My grammar and diction are really bad in the entry, but I don't care to go through and make it better. Now we all know that I'm aware.


tetrahedron said...

Well, I know one way to collect 20 beer bottle caps!

carl said...

do you know alain delille?