Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I feel so vegan.

I made salad for lunch. In college (I say this like it was a long-term thing. ha!) I ate salad at least once a day. By the end of that wretched stay, I'd had my fill of salad. With my new host family, though, there's been a lot of salad-eating. My host mother and I usually make one for ourselves for dinner. It feels all healthy and other BS like that.

picassa didn't work, so this photo kind of looks like poo.

I've got this new salad dressing craze. Actually, allow me to be more precise and say that I've a general obsession with tahini (seasame seed paste). It's filled with good things like calcium and calories. I like to make a dressing with tahini, a little olive oil or pumpkin seed oil (mmm... omega-3s...), salt, herbs from the garden, fresh squeezed lemon and a teensy tiny bit of maple syrup. It's really good.

decimated pepper

I also roasted a pepper in order to make hummus or something else with later. Roasting a pepper is something easy that you can do. If you've a gas burner, you could have pepper roasting parties, if you've got an oven with a broiler, that'll do just as well. Basically either hold it over your gas burner or shove it in the oven (no baking paper! or it'll burn just like the outside of your pepper! let's pretend I didn't learn this the hard way.) and then... veganyumyum describes this process a lot better than I.

You could use roasted red pepper in a dish like this or this. okay. that last one is supposed to link y'all to a good basic hummus recipe. there's about 89thousand out there on the internets, but I won't be satisfied with just any one. and I refuse to give mine because I'm afraid it might be weird (and I don't measure). yeah, so there'll be a link there later.

ps. damn I'm wordy!


max said...

I loved getting caught up on your postings! Great ideas for cooking (I've struggled to duplicate anything as good as you cooked during my visit!).

Lille sounded fun. CSers rule!

I can vividly imagine Simon on the bike. I see the grin and the spin...

I shared our pictures with Aunt Beth and Grandpa during my visit to Iowa last week. Beth spent hours with them, Grandpa fell asleep (he's so tired all the time). Granma was in good spirits but couldn't really communicate. But someitnes she would suprise us.

Come on, share your humos recipe!

Regina said...

hummus link? Is this some kind of cruel vegan joke? The link to the best hummus recipe among 89K, and it's not openable? :-) Is openable a word?