Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raw: a photo essay

I made an almond pâté. I got the idea from one of the recipes on this website. I soaked my almonds for about 18hrs. They got big and fat and purty.

the veins! they're awesome!

sitting in a fancy bowl.

Here's a funny story:

On Monday the doorbell rang, so I went and answered it. An old man was there, holding a bunch of big, sharp knives and asking where Katja was. Despite the minacious weapons at hand, it all didn't seem too out of place and as he began stepping through the doorway, I nearly let him in, but then something clicked in my little mind. I thought, "Knives, sketchy old man, kids in the house, I don't know...." So, I stepped in front of him and told him that Katja was at work. In truth, I'd no idea where she was, but at the university seemed like a good guess. Then followed some senseless banter because I don't think that either of us knew what the other was talking about. (Before you start getting any ideas, that doesn't happen to me that often.)

"Where is she?"
"At work."
"But where?"
"Where she works!"

Finally, I see Katja running up to the house; she seemed to recognize this bedragled character immediately. She'd hired him for some gardening work and he'd also sharpened our knives with some of his fancy tools.

I switched out for lamb brains. can you tell? me neither.

I also made this other pâté, basically. It's supposed to sit in your mushrooms and you're supposed to dehydrate them for 4hrs. Raw foodz is complicated.

this photo makes me feel like such a poser, but I like it.

Simon and his mom are the US this week. I miss the little dude already! The house is quiet and I'm the only one making a mess.


Tim said...

Eating raw is always too much trouble for me.

Plus, I like actually getting those vitamins that are released during cooking.

Your pictures are very pretty and tasty, though!

Rachel said...

but what about those enzymes that you loose? and I always thought that steaming, rather than cooking, was the best way to get all those vitamins.

Regina said...

I laughed my arse oft! :-)) ..."but where?" "where she works!"