Thursday, September 11, 2008

Die Meerschweinschen

Neither I nor Simon can pronounce the name of the pets that we own. I think it's pretty amusing when they become a topic of conversation. The other day he told me very matter-of-fact that his mother had killed one accidentally back when they lived in Austria because she left it in the sun too long. I know that's not funny, but I laughed. I always laugh when I'm not supposed to.

The Meerschweinschen are like guinea pigs, but cuter. The mom (black and white at the top) recently had babies. She was fat, but now she's skinny again and drinks a lot of water. I first saw the babies when they were only a day or two old and they were already pretty big and covered with fur.

Look! They eat what I eat!

They have a cool cage with levels and stuff. [Remember that one episode of Seinfeld when Kramar did the levels in his appartment?] In the photo we've put them out on the grass so they could eat it and stuff.

EDA: Damn. If I weren't blogging I would've never known that today is the anniversary of that thing that happened seven years ago. Another reason I'm glad to not be in America.

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max said...

The fat one had babies? What are those Meerschweinschen doing in the darker recesses of their cage?

Just for perspective, I had no idea why the flags were flying at half-mast yesterday. I figured that maybe it started to rain or something and people ran indoors with the intention of returning and raising the flags the remaining distance. But people have commented that I'm just about the most "news deprived" person living in the US.

The Meerschweinschen read the paper more often than I do! (as part of their "clean cage" regiment). I do miss listening to German. Maybe I'll wander over to a class today to get my fix!