Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raw Regrets?

I know that some real raw foodist probably wants to chop me up like a fresh tomato for my ignorant statements made here, but the chances seem slim, so oblivious raving away!

Here is a kinda gazpacho thing that I made yesterday. Basically carrots, tomato and some other stuff ground up in the blender. I tried to make it spicy by adding some fresh pepper things that I got from our local Turkish market. It was tasty, but, you know... cold.

My goal this week is to make raw brownies. There's instructions out there somewhere for that.

appetizing? or is this what it'd look like if an alien burst out of your stomach (minus the garnish)?

I got lots of nuts at the store today. I know that you can make some really nice, rich sauces with pine and cashew nuts. They aren't roasted, but I'm sure that they aren't officially raw. I bet they were boiled in the process of removing the shells. I read that it's pretty impossible to find raw cashiews, for instance. But honestly, how much can one be bothered? This kinda shiz is expensive, too.

I also know from that silly vegan forum that I visit that lots of raw foodists are not 100% raw. A lot rest around the 80% mark of consumed raw calories. I'm allowing myself somma dat and drinking coffee and tea, otherwise I think I'd die. I'm an addict and proud. No (more) beer, though. That's just not fair. Sometimes, though, life is unfair.


Mandie P said...

does this mean no beer this weekend in Maastricht? I hope not!

Tim said...

I'll bet you could carve a baby alien head out of a cucumber or something. That would add a nice touch of drama to your meal.

Oh, by the way, I need you to help me interpret German musical markings on my orchestra parts, because I lost the copy Cyrus Ginwala gave me of all the German/Italian equivalents.

(Just kidding about that second paragraph...)

Regina said...

I remember now why I couldn't do the raw food thing. It was the soaking, and all the preparation. It was a part-time job. No wonder raw foodists are so skinny!

Rachel said...

mom, I know! I'm going to make a blog post about that later.