Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cake Bake Betty

I like the music of Cake Bake Betty. There is no other reason for that to be the subject of this blog post.

Okay, I have goals for this coming week:
1) put 0.20 Euro cents in a jar or bag every time I talk out loud to myself. Even when I'm alone. I don't think it's a good habit.

2) put 0.10 Euro cents in a jar or bag every time I swear. I said the fuck word today in front of my host mother and Simon while on the phone with someone. Don't worry, that wasn't 10cents (yet).

3) I'm finally going to do a raw week! I'm determined! There's all sorts of cool, raw recipes out there that I've never tried because I don't do the raw thing. Like zucchini pasta. I bought some healthy kinda things for it today, but mostly I'm probably going to eat boring stuff like what the Meerschweinschen eat. Still, I may get a chance to cross "Green Smoothie" off my Vegan's 100 list.

And now this is published, so I can't go back on my word.

What's the part of a lab procedure that you guess what is going to happen? Is it simply titled the "hypothesis"? Well, here is my hypothesis for numbers one and two of my goals.
1) €7.80
2) €1.40

I'm not sure what's crazier; that I talk aloud to myself that much, that I'm stupid enough to tell people that I do so, or my method of trying to break this habit. Hopefully it's just entertaining. That's what we Americans love to do: entertain.

And what will that money go to at the end of the week? I'll consider the matter as the days pass by, but it'll probably end up being spent on beer.


max said...

Who ever said talking to yourself is a "bad habit"? It's agood way to practice a language (any language), and besides, who else is willing to listen to all those thoughts?

But I like the idea of saving euro's for transgressions. Especially when you get to wipe the slate clean at the end of the week with a good German or Belgium beer!

Good luck with raw week. That always gives me bad gas!

Tim said...

What?? The best conversations I've ever had have been with myself.

Rachel said...

tim... you rock.

Regina said...

re: #1 - Remember how you used to ask me who I was talking to? re: #2 - You could say you were speaking French: "phoque." Good luck with #3.

Regina said...

re: #2 If you cuss at yourself and someone overhears you, shouldn't you fine them a Euro or two for eavesdropping?

Regina said...

OK. After talking this over with myself, this is what I think you should do: Fine yourself for swearing, fine anyone who overhears for eavesdropping, take em out for a couple o'beers at the end of the week, and say "phoque it."