Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fatty, Sugary, but in a good way.

I feel that's like saying, "I'm a facist, but the good kind." But really, that's what I've done. And what I've done is raw brownies! They were basically 1c walnuts, soaked overnight, 1c dried dates, and 1/4c cocoa powder, which should've been carob powder (cocoa powder isn't raw, but carob powder is?), but what can you do?

three little things

I thought that my trusty immersion mixer could handle the task at hand, but I nearly killed my very favorite kitchen utensil. A food processor would be best for this kind of blending job, but I don't got one. Next time, I'll probably chop up those dates and walnuts as best I can with our newly sharpened knives and then bring the hand blender to hell and back again.

a little gooey, but real tasty!

Question of the day: How do you like your banana?
a) green
b) brown
c) wet
d) other


Celine said...

I like my bananas ripe, sweet, not mushy. it's hard to tell when they're just right, though. by golly.

Mandie P said...

umm yellow- why is that not an option?! but I like them a day after buying them green when there are NO brown spots on them... if they are brown they are for baking the end.

Regina said...

yellow with little brown spots, as opposed to the big brown spots which are bruises, but phoque it, that depends on how hungry I am.

Tim said...

"Fatty and Sugary? You bloody facsist!" [Eric Idle voice]

I don't like bananas unless they're mushed up in a soy smoothie or banana bread. Fin

Regina said...

I had a hand immersion mixer that my bro Brian gave me, and I ran it into the ground. Sad to see a good kitchen gadget bite the dust, in't it? He likes his bananas slightly green, btw. Banana ripeness is a controversial and contentious issue. You really opened up a can o'worms with this one! I wouldn't put it past the US media to make this an issue of presidential qualifications.

Adam said...

Hey, I ate a bunch of those raw brownies over the summer. they are so simple and yet so amazing.

Banana... definitely yellow with brown freckles